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Training Programs & Training Program Management

GeoExperts is a Houston, Texas, Company that specializes in organizing and administering training programs for the oil industry.

Not a training company, GeoExperts has an excellent network amongst the industry training organizations. In the last two years, GeoExperts has organized and run training from such diverse groups as the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, The International Human Resource Development Corporation of Boston, and Oil & Gas Consultants Incorporated of Tulsa.

GeoExperts has a core of senior managers who are highly experienced in running training programs and who have a unique blend of international experience in many different parts of the world. They average 30 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and have lived and worked in Libya, Gabon, Nigeria, Ghana, the Philippines, Norway, Cameroon, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America.

GeoExperts has particular experience in working with National and private oil & gas companies on the training programs required to meet Contractual Training Commitments that are commonplace in modern E&P Contracts.


What We Do?

TRAINING PROGRAMS: GeoExperts meets with the Oil and Gas companies to agree with them on their training needs. In the case of Contractual Training Commitment Programs, GeoExperts can assist the National Oil and Gas companies to design and implement Career Management Programs which can be used as a mechanism in allocating training resources to the best advantage.

Once the training needs have been agreed and the resources allocated, GeoExperts proceeds to select the appropriate instructors to run the approved courses. GeoExperts takes care of all of the organization required to run the training courses

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Client companies have retained GeoExperts to organize and administer Contractual Training Commitment Programs in Developing Countries.

GeoExperts handles the entire program from the beginning to the end. This involves working with the client companies and the appropriate national organizations to establish the program philosophy and content. Then, once that has been established, finding and scheduling the individual component parts of the program, arranging for transportation and accommodation for the instructors and running the component program parts in the agreed locations.

GeoExperts handles the instructor reimbursements, all local and travel expenses and provides a full accounting of all expenses to the Client Company. Once the client company has outsourced the Contractual Training Commitment to GeoExperts, the O&A costs incurred by us can be directly charged against the CTC rather than being lumped into the Head Office Overhead category as is done if the work is done by the client company's own staff.

Thus apart from easing the work load for the Client Company, GeoExperts also provides a more cost effective way for the Client Companies to meet their overseas Contractual Training Commitments.